Price History


Average Land Values

Implied land values in the Makati CBD appreciated by 2.0% in 1Q 2013, resulting in an average price of PHP304,230 per sqm or an accommodation value of PHP19,015 per sq m.

Ortigas land values grew at a relatively marginal rate of 1.7%, pegged at an average of PHP138,395 per sqm.

In Bonifacio Global City, land values sustained double-digit growth annually, currently with an average accommodation value of PHP24,690 per sq m.

Land values in both Makati and BGC are expected to grow between 8 and 9% in 2Q 2014, while a 6.4% increase is estimated in Ortigas Center.



Capital valuesAverage premium secondary capital values in the Makati CBD slightly edged out that of BGC but remain essentially at par with a minimal difference of PHP1,500 per sq m.

Premium three-bedroom units in the Makati CBD and BGC were priced at PHP128,730 and 127,575 per sq m, respectively. Similar to premium rents, a 7 – 8% growth in secondary prices is expected in both districts by 2Q 2014.

Meanwhile, in Rockwell Center, the average capital value was PHP132,770 per sqm, and is expected to improve by 8% in the next twelve months.

Comparative Land Values (3br Luxury) Source: Colliers International

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